8:05 AM:

Loving getting to work when there's parking.

7:55 AM:

Going to work

8:10 PM:

What's for dinner?

10:17 PM:

Dreaming of twitters...

12:41 PM:
Happy I have wi-fi and a charged computer.
12:40 PM:
Eating a vegan burger in Salt Lake airport -- on a detour from my original flight plan, which began at 6:40 this morning.
12:39 PM:
Phone dead (since last night). Bummed about that.
12:16 PM:

Wandering aimlessly.

9:52 PM:

Wishing Sara was here.

9:30 PM:

Eating a baked potato.

9:29 PM:

Change of plans. Now staying at gma's.

8:41 PM:

At Hackett's

8:05 PM:

Landed. Nice. (It's cold here.)

6:24 PM:

On a prop plane, going to my cousin (who died in a prop plane crash) funeral.

6:07 PM:

Tuckered from run thru Phx airport. Now waiting to board late plane that is supposedly "on time."

3:39 PM:

Eating a vegan peanut butter cookie. Mmm.

3:39 PM:

Sitting in the last row on a plane to pheonix.

9:00 AM:

Walking to work

7:12 PM:

Wondering whatls for dinner

7:07 PM:

Jamming to mia. In car

7:06 PM:

Driving home

6:22 PM:

Wondering if it's safe to leave the office. (sounds like a torential downpour)

10:57 PM:

Checking if this works

10:54 PM:
hmmm... will it work?
10:50 PM:
setting up my twitlog